Ferncloud is a character in the Original and New Prophecy games. She is a nursery queen and is not recruitable in either game. She is Dustpelt's mate, and has many, many kits over the course of the games.

Original GameEdit

In the Original Game, Fernpaw is not directly mentioned.

New Prophecy GameEdit

In the New Prophecy game, Ferncloud is first mentioned by Sorrelpaw, when she sees her kits. After that, you also see them.

Later, one of Ferncloud's kits dies when the cats are sheltering at Sunningrocks.

Ferncloud is also in the subquest Ferncloud's Visitor. In that subquest, she tells you that a cat visited her last night, and comes back while you are talking to her.


  • Ferncloud is based off of the character of the same name from the ‘Warriors’ book series..