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The Original Game covers the original Warriors series, as well as the

The title screen for the original game.

super edition Firestar's Quest. The game was made using RPG Maker XP, and was first published in March 2010, on The game is currently on version 1.21.



You start off as a kittypet inside your Twoleg's nest (house). Go to the entrance at the bottom of the room and select 'Go outside', then enter the Activation Code: 7991819.

You are now outside of the nest and in the Twolegplace map. Talk to the black and white cat, Smudge, who tries to convince you not to go into the forest.

Go through the path in the upper right corner of Twolegplace and into the Forest.


Go up to the gray cat that is blocking your way. He sees you as an invader in his Clan's territory, and he attacks you. Battle him. Once you have beaten him, go through the tunnel to the north to the Ravine.

Talk to the blue cat, who introduces herself as Bluestar, leader of ThunderClan. Bluestar says that she is impressed that you fought so well against Graypaw, the gray cat, and that she wants you to join the clan. Talk to the yellow cat, and he will introduce himself as Lionheart, a ThunderClan warrior. They both tell you that if you want to join the Clan, you should go through the gorse tunnel to the North.

The gorse tunnel leads to the ThunderClan camp. You can talk to any of the other cats, but to advance the story, you must speak to Bluestar in the middle of the camp.


Bluestar says that you must tell her your name before you join the Clan, and that because you will eventually have a suffix in your name, you should only put in the first part of the name you want to have.

After you give your name, Bluestar gives you some advice: save often in case of a sudden defeat, talk to cats around the territory if you're not sure how to progress with the game, the currency that the clans use are Acorns (A), and you can buy useful items with them, and if you are having trouble, you should talk to the silver-ish rock on the right. She also gives you Cat Claws and reminds you to equip them.

Talk to the gray cat to the left of the other rock, Longtail . He insults you by saying you will never be a warrior, and then attacks you. Battle him.

After you defeat Longtail, another warrior comes back to camp: Tigerclaw . He informs the clan that the deputy, Redtail, had been killed by RiverClan warriors in a battle over Sunningrocks. He says that in revenge, he killed RiverClan's deputy.

You think that there is something strange about Tigerclaw.

You meet all the cats in the Clan and learn their names, and afterwards, Tigerclaw shows you around the territory. You begin to think that he is mean.

You are informed that you are now a full apprentice of ThunderClan. You can now train in the Training Hollow with Dustpaw, another apprentice.

(There is no point in the game where you have to have a certain experience level to progress in the storyline, so training will not be mentioned here except when mentioning what a good level to fight a particular battle is)


Sleep three times, then go to Tallpines, two maps down from the Ravine. A gray cat called Yellowfang comes out and attacks you (it is best if you have Claw Slash at this point).

After you have defeated Yellowfang, she admits that you are stronger than you look, and she asks if you could get her a mouse.

After you give her the mouse, a patrol of Bluestar, Tigerclaw, and an unnamed black cat find you. Bluestar is angry at you for feeding someone from outside the Clan before the Clan itself.

Tigerclaw wants to kill Yellowfang, but Bluestar realizes that Yellowfang is the ShadowClan medicine cat and wants her to stay with the Clan. Tigerclaw is shocked and outraged, saying that she could tell ShadowClan all of ThunderClan's secrets. Bluestar calms him by reminding him that Yellowfang might also tell ThunderClan ShadowClan's secrets.

The patrol takes you and Yellowfang back to camp, where Bluestar announces Yellowfang's arrival.

Bluestar also announces that because there is a shortage of mentors, you will become her apprentice.

As a punishment for breaking the warrior code by feeding another cat before the Clan, Bluestar makes you look after Yellowfang. Talk to One-eye at the Elder's Den at the top of camp, and she tells you that Yellowfang wants three rabbits, and that since you have to look after her you should get her some. (You can either hunt the rabbits at the Great Sycamore, get them from another hunting spot, or buy them at the warriors den)

After you have obtained all three rabbits, take them to One-eye, one by one. One-eye tells you that Bluestar will probably end your punishement, and that she heard that Tigerclaw will be assessing the apprentices.

Treecutplace/Twolegplace AssessmentEdit

Talk to Tigerclaw. He tells you that he is going to assess you at Treecutplace and Twolegplace.

Go to Twolegplace and talk to Smudge, who doesn't recognize you and runs off screaming in terror.

Go back to camp, where Bluestar blocks your way out of the gorse tunnel. She tells you that she thinks it was a bad decision to talk to the kittypet (Smudge) and that she doesn't want you to do it again. She does think though, that from what Tigerclaw tells her you did on the assessment, that Tigerclaw isn't happy that you talked with the kittypet.

She says that it is time for a Gathering, and that when you are ready, you should go through the top-left tunnel out of the Ravine.

First GatheringEdit

Go through the aformentioned tunnel, leap over the stream, and go through the tunnel on the left to Fourtrees.

Go to Ravenpaw. You hear him talking about the battle between RiverClan and ThunderClan over Sunningrocks, where Redtail and Oakheart died. Ravenpaw's story makes it seem like Oakheart died before Redtail, which doesn't match up with Tigerclaw's story that said that Oakheart killed Redtail and that Tigerclaw killed Oakheart in revenge.

WindClan has not arrived yet, but Bluestar starts the Gathering anyway.

Brokenstar, leader of ShadowClan, decrees that ShadowClan needs more territory, since they have so many hungry kits, and that the other clans need to give them some of their territory. He reveals that because WindClan would not give them territory, they were driven out by ShadowClan.

Crookedstar, RiverClan leader, admits that he has given ShadowClan hunting rights on some areas of the River, to RiverClan's dismay, as he had not consulted with his Clan beforehand.

Brokenstar also announces that a dangerous rogue formerly of ShadowClan named Yellowfang might be lurking around the forest and that the clans should look out for her, as she supposedly has killed kits.

Barley and the MoonstoneEdit

Talk to Bluestar and she says that you are ready and you, Bluestar, Graypaw, Ravenpaw and Tigerclaw are warped to a barn.

Talk to any of the clan cats and they tell you to talk to the black and white cat up ahead. His name is Barley and he tells you that to get to Mothermouth you have to go through the tunnel to the right.

Go through the tunnel and you are near Mothermouth. Go through the cave to the North and you are near the Moonstone. Talk to Bluestar and she says that she has just got a message from Starclan and that the clan is in danger.

On the way back to camp you are attacked by rats and Bluestar loses a life.

New DeputyEdit

You are warped into camp, where three ShadowClan warriors block your way through the gorse tunnel. Talk to the one in the middle. Battle them.

After the battle Spottedleaf announces that Lionheart was very badly injured during the battle and is on his way to StarClan.

Bluestar announces that the new deputy will be . . . Tigerclaw!

Spottedleaf tells you that Lionheart was Graypaw's mentor, and that you should talk to him and comfort him. Go outside of camp and you see Bluestar, One-eye and Graypaw. Talk to Graypaw, and he says that Lionheart was a great mentor.

He then tells you that Ravenpaw wants to see you.

Ravenpaw's Confession and Tigerclaw's LiesEdit

You go the apprentice den and talk to Ravenpaw, who is terrified. He says that Tigerclaw has been waiting to be become deputy ever since he took care of Redtail. He explains that during the battle with RiverClan he had got a shoulder wound and Redtail had told him to go back to camp, but Ravenpaw just couldn't leave and so he crept back to find Tigerclaw and Redtail alone, the attackers fled. Then Tigerclaw killed Redtail with a killing bite to the neck.

Tigerclaw walks over to Darkstripe and Longtail nearby, and you hear him say that Ravenpaw left to tell ShadowClan that the camp was unprotected when they were at the Moonstone. Darkstripe and Longtail believe him.

You wonder why Tigerclaw would accuse his own apprentice, and you remember that Ravenpaw was with you the whole time on the trip to the Moonstone.

Spottedleaf's Death and Kidnapped Kits Edit

Go to the Nursery and talk to Brindleface. As she begins talking she is cut off by Frostfur yowling that her kits are gone.

Then a cats calls that Spottedleaf is dead, and another that Yellowfang has disappeared.

Tigerclaw calls to search the camp, and when none of the kits or Yellowfang is found he takes a patrol to find Yellowfang and the kits. Bluestar tells you that she needs to talk to you in private, so go to Treecutplace and talk to her.

She says that she fears that Tigerclaw will kill Yellowfang on the spot if he finds her, and they need to find out if she actually did steal the kits and kill Spottedleaf. She tells you to go and find Yellowfang, and to take Graypaw and Ravenpaw with you.

Ravenpaw's EscapeEdit

Talk to Ravenpaw at the apprentices den. He asks if they are going to find Yellowfang, and you tell him that he is in danger from Tigerclaw and that you will take him away somewhere safe.

He says that that sounds good and that you should find the place and once you do Ravenpaw and Graypaw will follow, then you and Graypaw will go and find Yellowfang. He urges you to go to the place where he will be safe, and that when you do he and Graypaw will come.

Go to Barley's farm, through the middle tunnel on the right of the Ravine. Talk to Barley, who tells you that he will let Ravenpaw stay with him.

Graypaw says that you have to find a way to get to Yellowfang

Fight Against BrokenstarEdit

  • It is recommended you are at least level 30, and have Stunning Bite and Poison Chomp. It is not guaranteed that this recommendation will work, although it shall help.
  • Stategy: Poison him until he dies!!

Go to ShadowClan territory and talk to Yellowfang at the top of the map.

Yellowfang says that she knew ThunderClan would blame her, but she didn't steal the kits or kill Spottedleaf. She explains that it was another ShadowClan warrior who did it and she was only trying to save the kits.

Graypaw asks how the kits will be rescued and Yellowfang explains that she knows some cats in ShadowClan who don't want Brokenstar as leader as he makes the elders hunt for themselves and makes kits fight as warriors - she says that he once killed three kits and blamed her, and that is why she was driven out.

Yellowfang says that she will gather the cats who will rebel against Brokenstar, and then will come back outside. Yellowfang disappears.

Four cats, Darkstripe, Runningwind, Mousefur and Whitestorm appear at the bottom of ShadowClan territory. Darkstripe complains that 'the kittypet' always gets the good missions; Runningwind is excited about the raid on Shadowclan; Mousefur wants to teach ShadowClan a lesson for stealing the kits; Whitestorm says that Bluestar told him that he might find a friend out there.

You tell Whitestorm and the other cats bout everything that happened that day. Whitestorm says that they are raiding ShadowClan then, but Graypaw interupts him and says that they need to wait for Yellowfang.

Just then Yellowfang appears at the top of the screen again. Whitestorm tells her to lead the way, and Yellowfang says that the ShadowClan cats on their side are ready. Whitestorm gives you another pair of Cat Claws.

Go through the tunnel to the north. Once you are in ShadowClan camp, talk to the gray cat in the middle and he tells you to prepare to die, and calls you a kittypet. You then fight him.

Once you beat him Clawface comes up and tells you that it is time to die. You then fight him.

Once Clawface has been defeated Brokenstar himself comes up and says that it is time to die and calls you a ThunderClan fool. You then battle him.

Once you have defeated Brokenstar, he says that though you may have won this time you would have to kill him nine times over before he joins StarClan. He says that he will be back.

Becoming a WarriorEdit

You are then warped back to camp.

Talk to Bluestar. She says that you and Graypaw fought like true warriors and that she will now give you your warrior names. She changes Graypaw's name to Graystripe. She also changes your name to [Prefix]heart.

She says you did a good job.

She also announces that since Spottedleaf is dead, Yellowfang will take her role as medicine cat. Yellowfang thanks her.

WindClan's ReturnEdit

Talk to One-eye and she tells you that she heard that Bluestar has selected you to go on a mission, and that you should ask your friend (Graystripe) about it.

Talk to Graystripe, who is wandering around camp, and he says that Bluestar wants to see both of you in her den.

Go to the tree stump nearby Bluestar and press enter to enter the leader's den. Talk to Bluestar in the den and she tells you that you and Graystripe must find WindClan and bring them back. She says to go the same way as when you go to ShadowClan.

She also gives you Warrior Claws, and says they should help you on the mission.

Go to the map before ShadowClan territory and take the tunnel to the North. Talk to Graystripe and he says it's like they haven't been here in moons.

Take the tunnel to the North. Go through the cave to the North.

Go through the maves and up to the tunnel at the top. Go through the next tunnel and thorugh the tube.

Talk to the black and white cat, Tallstar, who is surprised that ThunderClan cats came and not ShadowClan. And he wants to know why you are here. Say that you are here to bring them back. Tallstar agrees to go back and you are warped to Barley's Farm.

Enter the barn and you see all the cats of WIndClan.

Talk to Morningflower, the white cat on the right. She is worried about her kit. Help her and she says you will be rewarded.

Talk to to Tallstar and say you are ready to continue.

Barkface's ProphecyEdit

Before you can leave, Barkface, the WindClan medicine cat, says that he has received a message from StarClan: this day will bring an unnecessary death.

You are warped to WindClan camp, where Tallstar thanks you and offers you an escort back to your camp.

One of the WindClan cats says he knows a shortcut that cuts through RiverClan territory. You come across a RiverClan patrol, and when you talk to the black cat you are attacked.

After you defeat the RiverClan warriors, Whiteclaw starts falling off the gorge, then dies in the water. Leopardfur says that she won't forget this. You think that this is what Barkface's prophecy meant.

Graystripe thinks it is his fault.

You are warped to camp.

Mentoring CinderpawEdit

Talk to the cat in front of the nursery. She says that she heard that Bluestar would like you to mentor one of Frostfur's kits. Talk to Bluestar. Bluestar says that she would like you to get Graystripe.

Head to the Owl Tree. Talk to Graystripe, then head back to camp and enter Bluestar's den.

Bluestar wants you to mentor Cinderpaw. Head to the path to Twolegplace and watch Cinderpaw. Then, after being warped back to camp, head to Twolegplace and talk to Princess, your sister.

Go to Sunningrocks next and watch Silverstream save Graystripe. Tigerclaw is mad at you for being on RiverClan Territory.

Talk to Tigerclaw. He says that you should assess Cinderpaw. Head down to The Forest (one map north of Tallpines) and talk to Cinderpaw.

Head back to camp and talk to Tigerclaw. He's noticed Graystripe slipping out of camp a lot.

Head over to Sunningrocks. You will notice that Graystripe is visiting Silverstream. You try to stop them, but they do not listen to you.


You return to camp and Yellowfang tells you to find fifty catnip herbs. You enter the twolegplace and start a maze.

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