Black, white right paw, torn ear


BloodClan Leader


Lv. 113 (Normal), Lv. 899 (Wrath Scourge)


30000-100000 (original game)


firestars a weiner

Scourge is the leader of BloodClan in the Original Series Game. He threatens to take over the forest, so the player must battle him to end the plot portion of the Original Series Game.

In the New Prophecy game, Scourge appears as an extremely hard boss battle.

Scourge is also a recruitable ally in both games.

Original GameEdit


Battle StrategiesEdit

BLUB BLUB The player can level Firestar up to level 75, when he learns Fiery Fury, which could kill Scourge in two hits. The player can also level up Brackenfur to level 53, when he learns Sand Scatter. Sand Scatter dazzles Scourge, preventing him from attacking the player's team as long as he's in that state. It's advisable to generally avoid debuffing Scourge in the first game, as doing so will instantly kill your entire party.

When Scourge is low on HP, he uses Apocalyptic Strike, which instantly KO's anyone who is hit with it with 100,000+ damage. He also has Death Blow, which is instant KO if it hits, although it misses more often than Apocalyptic Strike.

Note: though this is a recommended strategy it is not the only strategy that will work, nor necessarily the best

Items DroppedEdit

Dog Tooth Claws (are sometimes dropped)

Recruiting ScourgeEdit

When the player defeats Brick and gets the Bony Collar at the end of BloodClan Territory's maze, the Bony Collar can be used at the rock at Fourtrees to battle and recruit Scourge or his deputy, Bone.

Scourge is the only cat able to equip the Dog Tooth Claws, which are obtained from defeating Scourge.

As a Party MemberEdit

As a party member, Scourge learns Death Blow at level 56 and Apocalyptic Strike at level 69. Along with Killing Bite, those are Scourge's three instant-KO moves that he can use. However, Scourge does not have enough SP to use Apocalyptic Strike when he learns it, so adders must be used on him to increase his Max SP to be able to use it. Only Scourge can equip the Dog Tooth Claws that he drops when you defeat him in battle.

Moves for Scourge Original Game

Moves for Scourge in the Original Game, Level 91


New Prophecy GameEdit


Plot Against StarClanEdit

In Plot Against StarClan, Scourge sends Tar and his other minions to have you collect items he needs to take over the Clans. Later in the subquest, he also kills the five Clan founders, but they are revived.

Wrath ScourgeEdit

Wrath Scourge is battled at the end of the subquest, Plot Against StarClan. In this subquest, Scourge threatens to take over the forest again after harnessing Ashfur's rage to grow himself to Wrath Scourge. Wrath Scourge, unlike the normal Scourge, is level 899. He is the hardest boss in the game.

Random EncountersEdit

In the New Prophecy Game, Scourge is a random encounter of SkyClan Territory in versions 1.07 and below because of a glitch.

Recruiting ScourgeEdit

Scourge is recruited when you kill him a second time with the Bony Collar

Scourge is the only cat able to equip the Dog Tooth Claws.

As a Party MemberEdit